Staging: How to make a room look bigger

Some may argue that staging a house is one of the most important things to do when selling your home especially here in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  Many simple things can be done to make a room look bigger than it really is.  In our current homes we tend to clutter a lot more than needed.  However the more we clutter the tighter space we have.  The most important thing to do to make a room look larger and give it life is remove big bulky items.  Open the area up with minimal furniture.  Also Neutral colors or earth tone paint colors also make a room feel more alive.  Darker colors tend to tighten the space.  In the kitchen make sure you do not have too much stuff on your counters tops and remove unneeded decor.  Don’t forget about your backyard!  A little greenery can go a long way and small patio furniture can really help!  Our final suggestion for you is to remember the last thing you want to do is make a small space look claustrophobic, doesn’t matter the room – the more open area the better!

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