Renovate that kitchen for cheap!

Kitchen renovations can cost an arm and a leg if you are not careful.  VMDC Realty has some advice that can really help you save a lot of money!  Our biggest and most dramatic pointer for you is to paint those old kitchen cabinets to give it new life.  Why spend the money on new cabinets if you do not need to?  Add some primer and some paint and give your kitchen a whole new look!  If you still want or need new cabinets then we recommend searching on line versus going to Lowes to get new cabinets.  Often you can find some great deals online much better than you can ever find at your local store.

Try also adding white beaded board to the peninsula to brighten up a formerly dark space. A new trend is adding an oversize pendant to illuminate the sink area.  It also helps with cleaning the dishes 🙂

Backsplash, Backsplash, Backsplash!  Backsplash is designed to protect the wall from splashes, grease and common cooking stains and is undoubtedly the hottest kitchen update you can do!  There are plenty of ways to protect the area, but creating a backsplash can be attractive and quick. While attaching a tile backsplash can get expensive, there are other cheaper options such as glass, porcelain, ceramic, pegboards, vinyl or wood.

Last but not least think about purchasing modest but effective countertops.  Unfortunately kitchen countertops can break your budget. Concrete, stainless steel, and stone can get pricey. Consider ceramic tile or Laminate countertops which are starting to pop up more and more and cost a fraction of what stone would cost.

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