Frequently Asked Questions

Asking questions is part of your job in the Real Esate process, answering those questions is our job! Feel free to contact any of our agents anytime to ask anything related to the Real Estate process. Below are just a few of the most frequently asked questions:

Question about General Questions

1 - What is my role in the selling process?

No one has a more important role in the home selling process than you. Here are some ways your participation can contribute to a successful sale: Maintain the property, Ensure the property is easily accessible for showings, Communicate – let your agent know how to contact you, Remove or lock up valuables, Secure pets, Limit conversations with buyers/agents about price.

2 - What is the best approach to pricing my home?
3 - What are the dangers if I overprice?
4 - How do I negotiate?
5 - What factors can influence the price of my home?
6 - How are buyers attracted to my property?
7 - What are the steps involved in selling my home?
8 - What are the costs involved?
9 - How do I choose an agent?